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Choosing The Right Model Of Die Cast Car For You

Choosing The Right Model Of Die Cast Car For You

Posted on 07/07/2021

The exhibitionism of manufacturing and owing die cast car goes back decades in the history. In lay man terms the die cast car is a model produced by die casting method of mixing molten lead, zinc alloy and plastic into a particular shape. The concept of die cast cars was first introduced by Lesney in 1947. It’s popularity has increased tenth fold over the years. Just like we have numismatist and philatelist enthusiasts , die cast car collectors are car enthusiasts.

With an increase in people’s disposable income, owing a car has become the new normal for most families. The love for car has taken a U turn due to the car collector enthusiasts who procure miniatures of their favorite cars at high end prices.

Why is the die cast car so expensive?

The manufacturing of die cast cars involves both labor as well as material costs. Factors such as shape, structure, color and interior parts are decided with great precision in order to match it with the real life sized car.

With the introduction of advanced techniques, intricate designs could be mass produced with ease. Most die cast car enthusiasts are people who find it difficult to purchase their favorite high end cars in real life. Nowadays, collectors have become hooked because of their appreciation for artistry and intricate detailing of these model cars.

Regardless of your experiences , the aim of this blog is to guide you with detailed insight into the prices of these admirable pieces.

How to choose your model?

Since car collectibles come at a varied range of prices ,you may wonder how much your collectibles are worth? If you are new enthusiast or someone who wants to auction your collectibles, this article is a must read for you. Since some of the die cast cars are worth a fortune, it is important to decide how to invest efficiently.

We handpicked some of the best models for you to begin with :

  • Matchbox 1967 Magirus Deutz Crane
  • Ferrari 250 GTO
  • Dinky Pre-War No.22D Delivery Van
  • Tomica Z 432 Datsun Platinum
  • Volkswagon Beach Bomb
  • Lamborghini Aventador

Decisive factors that affect the price

Certain models are worth more than others. Why so? Let’s find out.

  • The size of the replicated model is of considerable importance while deciding the price of the model. It depends on the individual collectors taste as to which size would they invest on.
  • Older manufacturers have more brand value than newer manufactures due to the quality of work produced.
  • Availability of cars is another deciding factor, since the limited edition costs more!
  • Latest trends also affect the price of the models. For example if a specific driver wins a championship, the trend shoots up.
  • Since die cast cars are available in a wide range and quality, most collectors look for models in healthy condition.


Since the die cast cars hold both nostalgic as well as monetary value for enthusiasts, it is important to protect your collection. This is why DieCast Zone CC has come with sturdy protectors to protect your collectibles.