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History of Die Cast Car

History of Die Cast Car

Posted on 08/08/2021

The genesis of the die cast cars dates back to the 19th century. Perhaps this dates as old as the introduction of cars. In the beginning the miniature cars were introduced as play things for young children. However, with the passage of time, miniature car collection became a passionate hobby for adults. Car models in various scales representing different models of real life cars were gradually introduced in the market.

Miniature models first appeared in and around Europe. These were crafted using brass and lead. Later slush cast plaster or iron was used. Since the early models were preety basic, they did not last very long. Hence pre World War II models are a rare find.

These miniature cars are a symbol of our childhood, much like our ‘first little train’ that originated in 1897. As consumerism boomed and children took great interest in the miniature car models, the market developed rapidly. Soon manufacturers began producing cars in high quality. The introduction of match box cars was a popular variant in the past.

Just like collecting coins or postage stamps is a hobby picked by many enthusiasts, die cast car collection is also an exciting hobby. These cars are offered in various price ranges. Some of these cars sell from the range of a few hundred to thousand of dollars. One of the most expensive die cast car is the 24k Gold Buggati Veyron that sold for 2.9 million dollars!

Whether you are just starting or have been collecting die cast models for many years, there is no denying the aesthetic appeal of these collections.

Things to consider before you begin your collection

When you are excited for your new hobby, you are bound to be confused how and where to start. We have outlined some easy steps for you to follow:

  • Consider the model size before you begin. Popular scales for these are 1:12, 1:36 or 1:43.
  • Do you want something old or more modern for your collections? Focusing on specific eras can help you refine your collection.
  • There are few models which are replicas of high end models. Are you looking for those?

Which models are worth the money?

Purchasing high end cars is a big thing in modern society. But not everyone has the financial freedom to indulge in one. The die cast car models are either for those who cannot afford to invest in real life ones or those who want to invest in an extravagant piece! The most sought ones are those that are rare. However these come with a hefty price tag.

Matchbox 1967 Magirus Deutz Crane (No. 30) – $13,000.

Beatnik Bandit Hot Wheels – $15,000

962 Ferrari 250 GTO – $18,000

Tomica Z432 Datsun – $80,000

40th-anniversary Diamond – Encrusted Hot Wheels – $140,000.


Since these collectibles add both a sense of nostalgia as well as investment for the collectors, it is important to protect your investments. Our range of products at DieCast Zone CC is tearing proof and offers you the longevity you require.